Transformer Explosion

A. Why to choose our System ?

  • Nitrogen Injection based Transformer Explosion and Fire Prevention System.
  • Drain and stir method utilizing nitrogen gas as stirring medium.
  • On activation, the system extinguishes fire within few seconds.
  • Acts as Transformer explosion prevention and fire extinguishing system.
  • Acts as fire prevention in case oil drain activity commences prior to tank/bushing rupture.
  • Nitrogen Gas is inert and does not react with transformer oil.
  • Non-hazardous
  • Provides cooling effect
  • Forms insulating layer (Thermal) on top surface of the oil.
  • Easily available and in-expensive.
  • Environment friendly.

B. Financial Benefits

  • Fighting transformer oil fires are difficult and costly using conventional Fire Prevention equipment for Transformer.
  • Most of the sites are equipped with Fire fighting system for transformer using fire extinguishers which are inadequate to extinguish the fire causing loss to the equipment and property .
  • Causes loss of revenue and loss of income.
  • Purchasing of replacement power, transformer and surrounding equipments involve high cost.
  • Polluting the environment destroying public relations.
  • leads to complete blackout of a region or a country which may further lead in the financial consequences.
  • Cost of our System is negligible comparing to the overall loss.