Transformer Condition Monitor

I. Why use online transformer monitor? Transformers, which either raise a voltage to decrease losses, or decrease voltage to a safe level, are among the most expensive piece equipment of the transmission and distribution system. Without transformers, electric power would be uneconomical to transmit over large distances, or would be at a voltage too high to use safely. Transformers are expensive, as is the cost of power interruptions. The savings that would be accrued from the prevention of failures in transformers would be in the millions of dollars. In the past, maintenance of large high voltage transformers was done based on a pre-determined schedule. Maintenance crews would inspect a transformer at set intervals based on its past age and performance history. As can be expected, this leads to many catastrophic failures of improperly diagnosed transformers and the over inspection of other healthy transformers. Because of the cost of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, especially at remote sites, the utility industry has begun investing in instrumentation and monitoring of transformer. On-line transformer diagnostics is the key to greatly reduce the cost and increase the reliability of providing the needed electrical energy to a growing society. Therefore, preventing in-service transformer failures has a profound economical impact, as well as the ability to deliver a reliable. Easily retrofittable on live assets, Online Transformer Monitor cost-effectively increases substation reliability and asset life.