Transformer Condition Monitor

Systems Real-time measurements include:

  • Hourly average or RMS load
  • Voltage: alarming on surge/swell
  • Power factor
  • Fault current phase and magnitude for > 2 cycles.

Measure temperature and insulation aging
Using hot spot temperatures calculated or measured With fiber optic probes, Online Transformer Monitor calculates the rate and cumulative life lost on up to 12 windings. This level of transparency maximizes both asset life, and health.

Monitor and control cooling
A single sensor provides full functionality, with:

  • 3-Stage cooling current sensing
  • Hour-meters and counters for usage recording
  • Patented transformer cooling efficiency calculation
  • Cooling stage swapping for even utilization
  • Cooling start-up in advance of temperature rise

Monitor bushings online
Track and trend insulation failure or surface contamination (with Bushing Monitor). You’ll have advance warning of bushing failure—the leading cause of transformer failure—through sensors that detect early changes in voltage amplitude and phase angle.

Load tap changer diagnostics
Through retrofit, capture full trending of:

  • Temperature differential alerts to heating
  • Absolute position sensing for any LTC model
  • Motor current during each operation

Core ground capture
Designed to alert to current in the milliamp range for a fraction of a cycle, Online Transformer Monitor uses patent pending algorithms to monitor and record external core ground currents, providing unique, early indication of a compromised transformer core. Online Transformer Monitor intuitive Dashboard software provides visibility to all transformers, along with the tools to help you quickly identify and diagnose problems. As new Online Transformer Monitor capabilities are released, you can simply upload new firmware via the Internet and your system is up-to-date. Online Transformer Monitor programming options include using the optional keypad or the Dashboard software. An even easier method uses a programmable spreadsheet and a simple programming wizard. It’s a complete back-office solution that lets you diagnose problems quickly via graphical displays.