Benefits A. Why choose the System ?

  • Online and requires no shut down.
  • Supplies complete and accurate information with easy access for quick analysis.
  • Monitors line currents during trip operations to record line and transformer through-fault information, including date, time, magnitude and duration, on a per phase basis. This intelligence can have significant value for operations, planning, and protection groups performing reliability, power quality, and asset management studies.
  • Works with all single and three phase breakers, including oil, gas and vacuum types.
  • Stores data on board and reports "by exception" when conditions exceed limits.
  • Functions with all voltage levels.
  • Requires no maintenance and is user friendly.

B. Financial Benefit
Expensive monitors include connections that can affect breaker operating reliability, increase cost for maintenance, software training and data analysis. The Online CB condition monitor is non-intrusive, requires no maintenance, and is easy to use, all at lower cost.